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To succeed in today's marketplace, corporations need to identify the critical information necessary to allow divisions, departments and individuals to make better decisions faster. That information must be flexible enough to meet varying needs, yet with the central control necessary to ensure accuracy and security. To fill this need, Great Plains Software created Dynamics C/S+. CCS-AF is an authorized Great Plains Partner and specializes in providing total business solutions using Great Plains C/S+ applications software.
Microsoft Office 2000 and Dynamics C/S+... So Happy Together!

Great Plains has announced immediate support for Microsoft Office 2000 with its leading business management solutions Dynamics and Dynamics C/S+. Microsoft Office 2000 extends the power and functionality of the Dynamics platform by allowing users to better capture, analyze and report on vital business information from within their familiar productivity applications. Dynamics C/S+ integrates with Microsoft Office 2000 in the areas of customization and personalization.

 We Used To Be So Thin...

But not any more! What we used to call "Thin Client Computing" is now more accurately referred to as "Server Based Computing". While the name may have changed, the functionality remains the same: This is the best way to transform the way your enterprise deploys, manages and accesses business-critical applications. See why we have chosen to partner with Citrix, the leader in Server Based Computing, and how we can make the most of your I.T. investment. If you have any questions about Citrix or Server based computing, an CCS-AF representative will be happy to help you!

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